Check out what critics say about our Tiki, Karaoke Bar…

Best Tiki Bar 2017 –Best In Western Washington

“Take a tiki vacation to E. Olive way”- Capitol Hill Times

“Hula Hula doesn’t half-ass anything…”- The Stranger

“Hula Hula is back!”-

karaoke bar “If you’re wanting a tropical getaway while you sing, Hula Hula is the place for you.”

“the bar is as close as Seattle gets to classic tiki” – Seattle Met

“Seattle tiki lovers, fancy drinks and fearless karaoke have never sounded better” – King 5

“ Karaoke Bar Heaven!” – Richard U-Yelp review

Best Flaming Cocktail- “Hula Hula’s Volcano Bowl is a potent punch made with five different rums, soda, and orange and pineapple juices and set ablaze before serving.” – Seattle Weekly

“In Short – Don Ho would definitely feel welcome in this kitsch-drenched lounge, which offers all the requisite elements of a good Polynesian bar: Puffer fish lamps, thatched grass huts, bamboo accents, and plenty of wooden tiki god statues.” Citysearch

“With Hula’s new, carpeted stage, professional lighting and sound system, add in Mikey’s fantastic skills on the boards, each singer was guaranteed to sound their very best – and boy did they!” – Karaoke & Live Entertainment magazine

“Sexy as hell and well worth the trip!” – Urbanspoon review

“Best Karaoke Bar in Town!” – TripAdvisor Review


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